Booksew Cotton Fabric Twill Yellow Soft Cloth Fox Cartoon Design Quilting Bed Sheet Patchwork Scrapbooking Tissue Tecido CM


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  • Pakuotės Svoris: 0.01kg (0.02lb.)
  • Pakuotės Dydis: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
  • Įrenginio Tipas: gabalas

Brand Fabric: Booksew

Product Name: cotton fabric piece.

Material: 100% cotton. dense and soft. fine print.

Usage: suitable for quilting,patchwork,bedding sets sewing,

clothing,children bibs, kids clothing,dolls,curtain,cushion,

home decoration sewing and so on

Package Content: 1 piece

11 Pre-cut Sizes are available,they are 5cmx50cm,20cmx25cm,32cmx32cm

25cmx45cm 45cmx45cm 4 0cmx50cm 25cmx160cm 20cmx50cm 50cmx50cm 50cmx100cm 100cmx100cm

These are pre-cut pieces, if order 2 pieces or more, it is not continuous.

For size 50cmx160cm,the fabric width is 160cm, so when you order 2 pieces or more, We will cut a continuous piece.

For example:

Order 1 piece, cut 50cmx160cm (half meter)

Order 2 pieces, cut 100cmx160cm ( one meter)

Order 3 pieces, cut 150cmx160cm ( one meter and a half)

Order 4 pieces, cut 200cmx160cm ( two meters)

And so on...

Please Kindly Note:

1) cut by hand, please allow 1-2cm error.

2) slight color difference may exist due to lights, camera and different display settings.

3) when total amount is below 5 USD, send by UNTRACKABLE air mail.

4) when total amount is 5 USD or more, send by trackable air mail.

5) when total amount below 2 USD ,CAN'T send. Please increase order or cancel order.

6) If you want to cancel order, please choose the reason "buyer do not want to buy it", so your money can be returned immediately.

these fabrics are cut according to size but not pattern,so can not make sure all the complete patterns will be included

  • Plotis: 160cm
  • Pristatymas metodas 2: Kai bendra suma yra 5 jav DOLERIŲ arba daugiau, siųsti stebimų oro pašto
  • Funkcija: Minkštas,Patogus
  • Modelis: Fox
  • Neaustinių Technics: no
  • spalva: Geltona
  • pristatymas: nemokamas pristatymas į 68 šalis
  • Dydis priemonė: CM
  • Pristatymas metodas 1: Kai bendra suma yra mažesnė nei 5 USD, siųsti UNTRACKABLE oro paštu.
  • Tinka: kratinys, patalynės komplektas, quilting,drabužiai,scrapbooking, lėlės,amatų
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: booksew
  • Technics: Audiniai
  • Medžiaga: 100% Medvilnės
  • Megztas Modelis: no
  • Punktas: 100% medvilnės ruoželinio audinio
  • Tipas: Tvilas
  • Stilius: Tvilas
  • Produkto Tipas: Kitas Audinys
  • Pjovimo klaida: Apie 1-2cm
  • Suede Audinio Tipas: no

Žymos: 100% medvilnės audinio, Medvilnės Audinio, medvilnės audinio dizainas, Pigūs 100% medvilnės audinio, Aukštos Kokybės medvilnės audinio, Kinijos medvilnės audinio dizainas Tiekėjų.


оочень дошла .. fabric excellent. this seller заказываю second time, very satisfied.
dense and good thin fabric. уйдёт smell stinks but think of after washing. thank you, recommend.